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Add intelligent subtitles to make watching chinese videos a little easier.

Please try the demo below!

Subtitle Hero works by extracting hard coded subtitles from chinese videos and then adding dictionary, pinyin and translation data to the extracted subtitle file. Once you have the smart subtitle extracted you can start just watching.

Subtitle Hero Features

  • Adds a hover dictionary to each word.
  • Adds pinyin and your native language using google translate.
  • Lets you save words or entire sentences to either Anki or Vocab英雄.
  • Adds next/previous/repeat controls to scan subtitles quickly.
  • Lets you search by subtitles.

Subtitle Extractor

The subtitle extractor is still in active development but hopefully be will available to beta users soon.

The Subtitle Extractor works by extracting hard subtitles from videos such as mp4 or mkv. When the user first selects a video they will be asked to draw a box around the subtitle area, then the extractor will begin identifying where each subtitle starts and end. Then using OCR the sentence will be extracted as text.

Already Extracted Subtitles

If you have the original movie files for the videos below you can watch them using Subtitle Hero.